Finally Getting Answers

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of our soldiers and their families for the daily sacrifices they make for freedom!


After over a month of work, I was finally able to determine the day, time AND location for the local county information session! I was also able to speak with several people regarding their programs.

I finally got a hold of the recruiter from one of the agencies that I requested information from back in April. She had called me several times when I was at work, and we emailed a few times back and forth. She was very nice and we discussed what her agency focuses on as well as the age range that my husband and I feel comfortable parenting (we are trying to keep it close to our daughter’s age so that they will be playmates).  Their program includes level 2 therapeutic fostering, and the age of their children is around 12-17. So this was much older than my husband and I would prefer. She wished us luck and I thanked her for her time. She recommended that I go through the county, as they have much younger children. I told her I was trying!

I also received information in the mail from another agency, who is in the state of North Carolina but not in our area yet. They plan on opening their office within 6-12 months. Hopefully I will have completed the training by then! The brochures were nice but informal and pretty much everything I had read already online regarding the foster care process.

I also tried the hotline number for the foster care office in my county. This was the fourth time I tried! I actually got to speak with a person! I did not get the old recorded message, and the woman gave me the address for the information session. So I am heading there Tuesday at 7:00… so stay tuned! It looks like we might get in our training before the year is out!

Lastly, I spoke with the woman at Lutheran Family Services again, to find out whether they have Saturday classes for the MAPP program. Their usual training is Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:00-9:00 for 5 weeks. Unfortunately, my husband is rarely home from work before 7 so being somewhere at 6:00 is pretty much not going to happen! The woman at Lutheran Family Services said they work with the county to do their training so they will be at the info session on Tuesday. As well, she said that they are considering adding a weekday daytime class (WOOHOO!), which would be perfect. They need four families to sign up for it and they can make it happen! So I am hopeful for that. My job is pretty flexible, so one day a week for 5 weeks would be perfect to get the training completed quickly. My husband, on the other hand, who knows how he will maneuver the training!

I have found that it has been very difficult over the past month just to find an information session to attend, even prior to beginning the training sessions! At one point my husband asked if we just weren’t meant to do this! It was disappointing, frustrating and sad all at the same time. I know the employees at the foster care agencies are overworked and understaffed. But every single one I spoke to was in dire need of new foster families. There has to be a better way!


4 thoughts on “Finally Getting Answers

  1. Hooray!! Glad to hear you are making progress. My husband and I go to MAPP classes Tuesdays 6-9 too. It’s difficult to get there on time since we both work. We pack a sandwich or scarf down fast food during our 10 minute break, but the classes are great though and our instructors are incredible women.

  2. Trish Z. says:

    Way to figure it out…those kids will need you and need your stamina and perseverance for fighting the system. You’re going to make a great foster mom.

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