Show Review from Last Week

Well I finally got through the shows on my DVR from last week, including The Fosters and Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy. I watched both during naptime so I could laugh and cry on my own! Here are my thoughts…

Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy:

This week Leigh Anne helped a family who were fostering a family member–their nephew. They are a recently married couple waiting to adopt her sister’s son, and he’s entering first grade already. They would like for him to have a permanent home and some stability but need help expediting the adoption. He has lots of energy, like many boys I have met at that age! So Leigh Anne gets them into family martial arts, which I definitely back 100%. Having a first grade boy in some kind of sports, just to learn principles from the “master” or coach, like sportsmanship, teamwork and respect is something I find wonderful.

Leigh Anne also works on renovating their living room to make it more organized. She brings in Paul Dimeo, who I recognize from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and he’s always very sweet and grounded towards children! Paul works with the little boy to make a present for the new parents. He is obsessed with ninjas so they decide to make a ninja movie for the new parents. Meanwhile, Leigh Anne and her friend Miss Sue work together with the new parents on starting family traditions. They’ve decided to make a garden and work on growing it together. Leigh Anne talks to the new mom about her decision to take in her sister’s son and how she decided to parent him herself. This journey included looking at other families and making a list of what they were looking for in his new parents, and realized they fit the list themselves. Leigh Anne gets the family in to see a prominent attorney to petition the courts on expediting the adoption. The family’s living room is given a makeover, with new paint and furnishings to make it more for a family rather than a young couple’s mismatch of things. The makeover doesn’ t blow me away, as I doubt the amount of storage they are given but it definitely looks more family-friendly than some of the design shows usually do. The show ends with a court date for the family, which the family has been waiting on for 3 years! Such a long journey for this sweet child, but the room is filled with family and friends and the room has balloons and stuffed bears. Leigh Anne is crying in the background while the judge warmly talks to the little boy and goes through the documents so that the adoption is final. Lastly, they show the ninja movie at the end, which is just so adorable.

Last thoughts: Leigh Anne needs to calm down on the dark eye makeup! It was definitely a quick, interesting show to watch. It has a little bit of everything throughout the hour. The next episode shows a family caring for a young boy who must decide between staying with that family unit or relying on his father who has not always been there for him.

The Fosters:

Unfortunately I have DirecTV, which means that the pilot episode of The Fosters did not record. We have been getting some crazy summer storms! I am anxious to watch it after having read some reactions online! Anyway, I will get to it next week and update you on how it is!


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