I heard from the agency… The “program supervisor” said they are processing our application and we should hear back within a week. Here we go! I am ready!

So I am planning on slowly gathering goodies for our foster/adoptive child(ren). We still have ALL the baby stuff still so I do not need to get any of that. But since our daughter is only 2 I don’t have any kid things. Toys/beds/towels/dressers/backpacks/booster seats/shoes/etc/etc/etc. Where do you find your goodies? I have been watching craigslist for a twin bed or two but they get scooped up quick. I also have been watching for a Little Tike Playhouse for the backyard but that is like a full time job trying to respond to all the ads in a timely manner! I don’t like the idea of used car seats so I have been watching the Target/Walmart ads. What else is on your list for the kids that come into your home? Where do you pick up things in advance? I know I will be able to find things with the back to school discounts in August, specifically North Carolina’s “Tax Free” weekend. Help me with your advice!


2 thoughts on “Goodies

  1. I just started reading your blog – my fiancée and I are just at the end of the licensure process and waiting for our first placement. We (possibly naively) waited until now to prepare, but are in the same boat – looking for all of the “things” we might need, and trying to get “age-flexible” items. No advice here, just commiserating! Good luck!

    • AH! How exciting!! You must be so happy (and anxious and nervous, etc etc). If I find anything that works for us I will be sure to update everyone! Depending on what ages you are licensed for, I know around here we have huge kids consignment sales at the State fairgrounds. They are once in the Spring and once in the Fall, and they have everything for the little ones like clothes, toys, strollers, pack n plays, cribs, etc. I know a lot doesn’t show up on Craigslist because the moms wait for those sales to come around! I will write about that once the next one comes around and after I see what all I can pick up. Good luck!

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