Review of Foster/Adopt Shows This Week

Second show of New Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy:

A California blended family have daughter from the wife’s previous marriage and they are raising their seventh-grade nephew. They would like to adopt their nephew but he is having difficulty cutting ties with his father. He is nervous to leave him despite the neglect he has faced his entire life. He would like to be included in his aunt’s family where he has been living for most of his life. His aunt was in his life from the day that he was born, when his father was in jail and his mother abandoned him, always offering him a safe home and even took over guardianship. His father would like to keep him, but his jail time and drug addiction has kept him from providing a safe and stable home.

Since both the daughter and nephew are about to be teenagers, they makeover their rooms to reflect their personalities and passions. Leigh Anne is having each child re-do the other one’s room. They clear out each other’s rooms and find new decor like fabric for the rooms, paint colors and knick knacks. The home makeovers were a lot better this episode than the first, much more put together and comprehensive, especially keeping in mind that they are for teens!

The couple also discusses spending more time on one another and vows to have a date night every week. The kids plan a nice date night for them on the beach. Leigh Anne speaks with the birth father to find out why he’s clinging to hard to his son even though he’s lived most his life without his son. The show ends without the nephew being adopted, although they say that the family is closer to doing so. While it’s a cute show with good principles, I am not sure that I will watch again unless it’s a different concept, since both weeks have featured families that are adopting family members. And this show didn’t even show anyone being adopted!

I had two weeks worth of The Fosters to watch. I had heard mixed reviews so I was excited to watch!

Well, I made it about halfway through the first episode. Frankly, it was like The Hills or OC meets CPS and the foster system. It was so much drama and like a soap opera I couldn’t watch it!  I am not sure what their target age demographic is but I don’t think I am in it!


3 thoughts on “Review of Foster/Adopt Shows This Week

  1. Interesting your response to The Fosters. Although I realize how plastic and flawed it is, I loved it anyway. It was so refreshing to see foster children seen as “real kids.” Not like they are contagious and somehow bad. I reviewed it yesterday on our blog to that effect.

    • I definitely agree with you that they aren’t portrayed any differently from other teens on TV, like the kids on Modern Family. Which is great! And I am glad that they are addressing the subject matter. I just don’t prefer the format. I guess it probably has to do with us only having a two year old, and (hopefully) being licensed for 8 and under, so teens are just way beyond my comprehension at this point! Glad you like it!

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