Quick Update

So our agency has received our application and we got a letter back in the mail last week! It listed our Program Specialist’s name and info, as well as forms to fill out for our background checks and marriage certificate. The letter said that we would hear from our Program Specialist (which we haven’t). So I gave her a call because I get a background check every year for work and I definitely don’t want to pay an extra $20 if they can use the one from work. Our Program Specialist answered the phone right away (I was expecting to leave a message) and she said we do have to send in the money for both of us to do the background checks. She also said that I need to get a letter of recommendation from my doctor regarding a medical diagnosis that I checked on the initial form. She needs me to be all clear before we proceed with MAPP Training. We also set up a time for our initial interview session, which will be July 15th. So that means I will not be in the July MAPP training. UGH!! And she mentioned the next sessions aren’t until the fall. Slow as molasses. I will continue my exercise in patience!


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