Summer Travel

Ah, summer! You are officially here! Pool days and afternoon storms that clear the humidity… Sun tans and sweet corn. Hooray! Are you traveling this summer? Are you traveling with kids this summer? One of my friends told me that once you have children you no longer take vacations, you just take trips. Isn’t that the truth! I need a vacation just from planning and packing, and that’s before we’ve gotten on the road! Once our little one turned 2, all our trips flying anywhere stopped. I have a hard enough time paying for two plane tickets, let alone 3!  So that means a lot more road trips, since all of our family is up North. What are your strategies for kids in the car? She used to sleep every time we were in the car, and now she will not sleep no matter how tired she is! I think it’s because she’s started to get motion sick. So what is your advice for little ones in the car? We use the iPad hooked to the headrest, so she can relax and watch movies. Also lots of snacks!


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