How do you do TV?

In honor of the Emmy nominations today I felt like talking about our current TV situation. So where we live there are basically two choices for TV: Time Warner Cable or one of the dish networks. I hate Time Warner and their prices are ridiculous. We have DirecTV and have managed to keep it low with discounts, but after almost 3 and a half years in this house my feelings for DirecTV are fading. Some channels no longer work at all (Bravo, ESPN, Golf Channel, Lifetime). None of the channels work when it rains. Or even looks like it’s going to rain. Or if someone even mentions the word rain. When I called customer service regarding the channels that we are missing ALL the time, they told me they would send someone out to check on it but it would cost us $50 up front. Just to have someone check on channels we are paying for every month! Heck no. So I have begun researching other options until FIOS or Uverse become available. Namely, HULU. Anyone use HULU and Netflix at home? My problem is that I don’t think our internet is fast enough to support the stream.


One thought on “How do you do TV?

  1. We get Netflix disks or use the free Hulu streaming. No cable. Not big TV watchers. Amazon also has a streaming option but you should test your speed with free Hulu streaming before you buy into anything streaming.

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