One Foot in Front of the Other

After our setback last Monday, I was depressed. My husband was depressed. We want to help, but it seems like nothing in the system is in place to help the children. Anyways, our setbacks just make us try even harder towards our goal of adopting through foster care! We know we can help, and we are willing to do whatever we need to so that we can make a difference.

I sent emails to every contact I had made thus far to find out their policies on pre-adoptive placements and ages of the children. I sought new contacts and went back over the information I received at the county’s foster care info session. There were two main reasons we chose not to go through the county from the beginning. One was that the MAPP schedule for the county conflicts terribly with my husband’s work schedule and our child care provider’s schedule (yes, my mom). The second main reason we chose not to go with the county was because there is an almost 100% chance that in 6 months we will no longer live in this county. We may live 15 minutes away in the next county over, or on the other side of the state. My husband is up for a promotion at work, and it’s literally only a matter of time before it happens. So that has been some stress, as we cannot put our lives on hold waiting forever (we’ve been waiting for about a year so far), but we also cannot be knee-deep in an adoption and just leave the county. So we originally sought an agency that works throughout the state of North Carolina, thinking it might be easier if we start our licensing, get through MAPP training, then move (a little or a lot) and begin taking placements. It seemed right, but the agency was wrong. So now we have to wait for more news on my husband’s job before we apply to any county system for fostering. In the mean time, I am still sifting through state-wide private agencies to see if we have any chance  to get licensed through them.

I got this email this morning, but haven’t reached her yet:

Thank you for your interest in the ________. We are licensed to care for children ages one to twenty one, so the age groups always vary, especially with sibling groups. We may in the near future have a sibling group with a plan of adoption where the youngest child is two. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at:  ______________ Director of Adoption Services/ Case manager

I am so excited!! I need more information!


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