A Nice Chat

I had a nice chat with the “Adoption Director/Case Manager” that sent me the wonderful and mysterious email on Monday. She has worked in foster care for 22 years (!), 11 of which was for the county where I live. She said the trend these days is to foster-adopt, but it should never be a problem for any agency to match. Matching a pre-adoptive placement through foster care means that the child is usually a legal risk placement, and therefore there’s a higher chance that reunification will not succeed. She said that my county definitely needs foster parents, and that they do have children and sibling groups under 8, so if we can find a MAPP training that works for us we should definitely apply through them. She also recommended that I contact the rural county next to me (not the one that I contacted before and who requires you to live in the county to foster), and said that they regularly have foster and adoptive parents from neighboring counties because they are a smaller, more rural county. She said that the sibling group she will have available for adoption includes a 2 year old, a 7 year old and a 9 year old, which I told her was perfect. She said that she can perform the pre-placement assessment (home study) but she can’t do licensing. I was a little confused because I kept saying that we are interested in the group and she kept saying that she could perform the pre-placement if we wanted, but she could only provide some of the necessary requirements. So we didn’t really end the conversation any closer to adopting, but she gave me some great insight into our area as a veteran in the field. I am so grateful for her honesty and willingness to help, and maybe we’ll partner in the future!


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