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Fall, Is That You?

Fall, Is That You?

Does it smell like fall to you? When we went to the pool today it was a bit chilly!! That must mean fall is right around the corner! One of my favorite brands, Baby Legs, has debuted new Winter Warmers. Check them out! Perfect for your growing kids and toasty for the winter weather!




Little One had so much fun this past weekend at a local festival, doing arts and crafts, walking through an ambulance and fire truck, listening to a kid’s band and just enjoying the atmosphere. Tomorrow is orientation for preschool!!

Go Organic!

Piggy-backing off yesterday’s topic of food allergies, today I want to explain how we eat in our house. We believe in helping our daughter (and future children) in every facet that we can while she is in our home. This includes education, sports and activities, emotional wellness, physical wellness. Overall health of body, mind and spirit. Because of this, we have eliminated as much processed food as we can, a little at a time, so that we are all healthier, but especially for her too.

In our house, we try to stick to an Organic and Real Food diet as much as possible. We also buy locally as much as we can, so we know where our food is coming from.  It’s been proven that when buying locally about 75% of the money stays local. Both my husband and I work customer-facing jobs so I like to think we are using our money to help our local economy and those people will end up as our customers at some point. Cravings pop up, rough weeks with too much work and not enough cooking pop up. When we eat, especially for Little One, we try to make sure we eat the best we can in that situation. Knowledge is power in this area! I have a few wonderful references for you in terms of starting a Real Food diet, especially for children! It takes a while to understand what you should buy at the grocery store instead of your stand-by foods, it will take a while longer to train your spouse too, believe me! Recipes can be doubled and the extras frozen so you have stand-by meals ready to go on those rough days. And those of you worried about your picky kids, I actually think it’s easier for kids because they don’t have decades of bad food choices behind them and they gain more energy from Real Food. My daughter will choose fruit over cookies any day. And she’d rather eat a Lara Bar for breakfast/snack/etc than pick up a processed granola bar.

I totally encourage you to try this change in lifestyle and see how your body feels. It’s amazing to see how much can change and get better after just one week! I am by no means an expert on this subject, but I do feel very passionately about it.

10 Reasons to cut processed food: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/10-reasons-to-cut-out-processed-food/

Food Babe writes about all of our favorite restaurants, brands and gives us the real truth about what is in our food. She also gives excellent examples of what to order/not order when you go out. She’s recently done research into what goes into beer and how it is regulated in the US (or not regulated). http://foodbabe.com/

100 Days of Real Food (see above), gives wonderful examples of sample grocery lists and recipes. She give examples of what to feed children. http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/

Weelicious: started by a mom to feed her children healthy, yummy and age-appropriate food. Wonderful recipes and explanations for babies and toddlers (if not the whole family).  http://weelicious.com/


Ahhh- Choo!

Happy Monday everyone!

Our Little One has had issues with food allergies from the time she was born. She was allergic to my milk (probably whatever I was eating and didn’t know she was allergic to) and we had to switch to a sensitive, non-lactose formula at four weeks because she was having trouble keeping down the milk and wasn’t gaining weight. We still don’t know all that she is allergic to, but we are very cautious with new foods.

When she started on solids, I was careful to space out the new foods so that we could watch for allergic reactions. So far she’s allergic to tomatoes and strawberries in addition to dairy. She drinks soy milk instead of cow’s milk. Little One does eat cheese, but unfortunately mainly the processed crap that won’t upset her stomach. Mozzarella isn’t bad though. She definitely cannot tolerate having cheese two days in a row. She doesn’t eat anything strawberry related. My mom tested this recently because after the age of two some of the “allergies” disappear because they were just sensitivities. Wherever the strawberry grazed Little One’s cheek as she ate it developed a rash within seconds. Bright red and itchy rash! Poor thing. We also avoid tomatoes, so no marina sauce for us! A lot of soups are tomato based so I have to be very careful or make my own. I’ve tried giving her buttered pasta and plain meatballs when my husband and I have pasta nights, but she wants the sauce so badly. We end up giving her some and then she is sick for a few days. I haven’t cooked it in a very long time.

Recently, she started getting rashes from some mystery food and it took us a while to figure out–eggs! I should have done research, because eggs are the #1 food allergy in children. Well this summer I’ve been making her a lot of hard boiled eggs and egg salad. She’s not a big meat eater and I have to get her protein in somehow! There doesn’t seem to be a reaction for baked goods so right now we are being careful with eggs as ingredients.

My husband loves seafood and I don’t eat it at all, so we don’t plan on introducing seafood for her any time in the near future. Sometimes the strawberry allergy can be an indicator of a soft-shell seafood allergy. She also does have seasonal allergies, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Both my husband and I suffer from outdoor allergies. The food allergies are new to me though. She takes a chewable Claritin seasonally for her outdoor allergies.

So I called her wonderful pediatrician and got a referral for the pediatric allergist. Because Little One will have a week of rashes after her allergy outbreak plus such bad stomach pains that she doesn’t want to eat, they consider her to have an anaphylactic reaction. I figured she needed to see someone. Well, when I called the allergist’s office they told me that they will prick her for testing (on her back). So I decided not to take her at this time because I don’t want to scar her for life. I’ve been working really hard to eliminate the problems out of our diet. She’s been eating very well and I’ve been pleased at how happy she has been. I know we will have to go in the future for testing (maybe before heading out to public school) but I would hate to cause a  two-year-old pain and agony if I can wait a few years!


The Waiting Game

My husband applied to the promotion in Pennsylvania a month ago. He heard today that he will have a call with the Regional VP regarding the position next Wednesday afternoon. Which could mean he got the job. Or it might mean he is still in the running but they haven’t made a decision. Either way, it’s no more clear than it was earlier this week!

I am beginning to wonder if this is a test of my patience. I have tried to remain very calm while my husband has been frantic, but a month later my resolve is cracking. Mainly with planning. I am a planner. I bet you are too. And Little One should start preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day. That is, if we are staying here.The move is apt to be very quick and we get back our deposit if we move out of state. So I don’t know if she starts school in a week and a half, or not.

We’ve been working all summer on our schedule because she does tend to sleep in. She is a night owl like both of us, and sleeps late in the morning (like 8:30). So I have been training her all summer to wake up earlier so we won’t be late for preschool since it starts at 9:00. However, since my husband interviewed twice for this promotion, I have become lax in the sleep training department (which means Mama can sleep in too!!). I have found a house and a play group in Pennsylvania. I have researched foster information. I’ve looked up grocery stores and how far Target would be. I’ve researched new jobs in the case I am not asked to continue my current position. Basically, I have checked out from our North Carolina life and I’ve been working on making a new one as comfortable as possible. But we don’t know for sure yet!! Signs are pointing to yes, but we don’t know for sure. When I can’t plan any more then my patience disappears!

I have been working today on being in the present. And eating chocolate. You know, whatever works!