We never thought my sister would get pregnant. She never wanted to. She is pretty much a full-blown hypochondriac (totally my mom’s fault), so in her opinion pregnancy was super gross and full of health risks (can’t really blame her on either of those).

My sister and her husband are both architects, and being artistic and creative people I always imagined their life to follow the lead of their careers. My mom and I always figured they would move to some large and beautifully architectural city, adopt one child and just be a super cool and creative family. But they settled in the city where they went to school, which is definitely not known for its architecture. They are celebrating 10 years together this year and she did what I did–got pregnant right off of birth control even though they were planning on trying later.

So she is pregnant now, expecting her first child in October when I was also expecting to have a child. Her first trimester was super scary, she lost about 25 pounds because of hyperemesis gravidarum (basically really terrible morning sickness). She couldn’t eat anything except straight carbs. She was nauseous all the time and thinking about food made her sick. She worried about the baby constantly. But he’s been growing just fine and her second trimester was perfect! She gained back some of the weight and enjoyed being pregnant. Now in the third trimester, she’s just super uncomfortable already and she has two months to go!



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