Surprise! You’re Pregnant

color engagement

2010 was a huge year for me. I learned a lot about myself. I grew up. I found a voice. I figured out what I wanted and I went for it. It was exhausting, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without the hard work I put in that year specifically.

I got engaged in April, it was one of our last nights in my townhouse. My husband and I bought a house together and were moving locally that same month. We were in the midst of cleaning and painting the new house before we moved in. He proposed on a quiet night with just the two of us. I was pleasantly surprised, because with buying the new house I didn’t think we’d be getting engaged any time soon mainly due to finance. But he was sneaky! And I am not the easiest person to sneak anything past.

Then, I quit my  managerial job at Nordstrom in May. It was a long time coming, and looking back I should have done it earlier. But it took time for me to realize that my career and happiness were being stifled by continuing my position there. I loved the company when I started in 2005 but over the five years that I worked at Nordstrom, I felt a lot more pressure towards profits and cutting employee hours than the customer service that Nordstrom is known for. Also, my original boss was an inspirational woman and mother, but the two consecutive bosses I had were more like dictators than mentors.

meg and jake's wedding

My sister was married in June in Charlotte, North Carolina after over a year’s engagement. I was Maid of Honor, and it was such a fun and exciting wedding. I was there when she chose her dress and I helped her find suitable bridesmaids dresses. It was such a dream come true to see my little sister married to the man who loved her and stood by her for years (10 now!).

My husband and I decided to get married in October after researching venues and taking a lot of outside factors into account.  Everyone and their brother was getting married in 2011 and we didn’t want our family/friends to be pulled in multiple directions. So yes, my poor parents, my sister and I were married within 4 months of one another! I planned our wedding in 6 months, and it was everything we hoped. I spend the summer, off from work, painting and decorating our new house and planning our wedding. This time to go slow became very crucial in the following months!

bachelor party

My bachelorette party was in Charleston, SC in August. Hosted by my sister, we had so much fun shopping on King Street and acting like tourists. I started my new job working at Louis Vuitton in September. This job at Louis Vuitton I had waited to get for over a year. It was a dream and I was so excited for a new opportunity.

preg test

I wasn’t concerned over my bachelorette weekend when everyone was sick. We seemed to be passing around a stomach bug. Two of the ladies even left the bar and went to bed early, they felt so sick. I was concerned, however, two weeks later when I still felt sick. I was convinced that it was just nerves since I was starting a job that I had tried to get for over a year! I called the only friend I knew that had a baby and asked what to do. She said, take a pregnancy test! So I did, and sure enough it was positive. I called my husband to come home early from work (he was working late that night) but he couldn’t. So I sat at home for hours waiting, so I could tell him the news. I didn’t call anyone. I didn’t text anyone. I just waited. I poured him a glass of scotch and sat the test right next to it for when he got home.

Finally, he came home and he thanked me for the scotch. Later he told me he thought the pregnancy test was a new drink stirrer! Ha! So I had to tell him what was going on. He had been concerned that I was feeling so sick, and had mentioned maybe I was pregnant a week prior. So he wasn’t fully shocked, but considering it was less than two months until our wedding, we were a little antsy of how things would play out. We knew we both wanted a large family, and when we were marrying was later than seems to be normal these days. So I went off birth control in June, because I had heard (wrongly, I might add) that it can take a year off of birth control to get pregnant. We were planning to try the following summer after we were married. At the time, and especially now, I knew that my daughter was a miracle. She was definitely supposed to come when she did. And now that it is proving difficult for us to get pregnant again (and to adopt, but we’re working on it), I know even more how miraculous it was that I got pregnant that quickly and without planning.


We got married in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, right on the water. Our reception was inside their Aquarium. It was 6 months after our engagement, on 10/10/10 and I was about 13 weeks pregnant.


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