Date Night

Oh date night. I never knew what I had before it was gone! To this day, I still don’t remember what my husband and I did after work every day prior to parenthood. Now, just making time for one another when we aren’t thoroughly exhausted is so difficult. I have some friends that are able to do date night every week. I am jealous and incredulous! We are on the plan of having a date night once a month. This kind of track works for us and our child care needs. My mother watches the little one when I work, usually 3 days a week. I am lucky that the rest of my work can be done during naps or after bedtime. Anyway, she is also our date night babysitter! So I hate to put more on her. I know she treasures any time she gets with the little one, but I am always conscientious of her free time too. With my sister expecting in the fall I wonder how our child care provider will be affected! Little one starts preschool two mornings a week right after Labor Day. But we may need to consider having a nanny #2 to help out as needed, especially for date night!


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