For the past couple of weeks my husband has had a series of interviews for a promotion. And before y’all get excited… it’s not in North Carolina. The position would consist of an area north of Philly and the Lehigh Valley. Not exactly what we were expecting. But I grew up in Pennsylvania and still have a lot of family there. My husband’s family is located in New York, which is A LOT closer to Philly than Raleigh. But the Northeast as a whole is much more expensive that North Carolina. And I would have to leave my parents and sister. So now we are kind of in a holding pattern to see what the outcome will be. On one side I would be so proud of him for landing this job, and I know right now he needs the change. He’s been living Groundhog Day for the past two years and I know he is ready to be challenged again. On the other side I would be fine staying here, letting Little One start preschool and keeping on at my job (with my free babysitter). Also, this puts our fostering dreams on hold, as we cannot start anything in North Carolina if we will be moving to Pennsylvania next month! It is difficult to think about, since I feel like we just started making headway in North Carolina with agencies and finding a good fit. I will have to start from scratch in a new state with different laws and agencies. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Any of you have tips for fostering in PA?


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