Child Care Costs

Child Care Costs

Not sure how anyone these days is affording (good) childcare, let alone anyone that is paid the minimum wage. I am lucky that my mother watches my daughter three days a week when I have meetings, but I have looked into it in the case that we have to move. I would make some money, but I can tell you the productivity would dwindle when my pay would be cut pretty much in half because of childcare costs. So then I have to decide, continue my career at this time or wait until she’s in school?? I really love being able to pay bills with money that I made. At this time my part-time job is able to pay for our mortgage. If we had to pay for childcare though, that would not be the case. I appreciate and am thankful for what we have in our lives, and I worry for those that do not. How can we help? How can we serve? (link above) 


2 thoughts on “Child Care Costs

  1. Depending on the state, foster children can receive daycare assistance. When we were in Indiana and fostering all our foster kids had daycare paid. Also depending on the state you can have daycare assistance added to your adoption agreement, especially if you adopt a special needs child. (and in most states children over 2 are considered special needs because they are harder to place).

    • Thank you so much for reminding me of that! There are such great services available to foster/adoptive families. I agree that it is wonderful to have available. This post was mainly about our family now, and since our little one is biological there aren’t any stipends to pay for her child care!

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