The Waiting Game

My husband applied to the promotion in Pennsylvania a month ago. He heard today that he will have a call with the Regional VP regarding the position next Wednesday afternoon. Which could mean he got the job. Or it might mean he is still in the running but they haven’t made a decision. Either way, it’s no more clear than it was earlier this week!

I am beginning to wonder if this is a test of my patience. I have tried to remain very calm while my husband has been frantic, but a month later my resolve is cracking. Mainly with planning. I am a planner. I bet you are too. And Little One should start preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day. That is, if we are staying here.The move is apt to be very quick and we get back our deposit if we move out of state. So I don’t know if she starts school in a week and a half, or not.

We’ve been working all summer on our schedule because she does tend to sleep in. She is a night owl like both of us, and sleeps late in the morning (like 8:30). So I have been training her all summer to wake up earlier so we won’t be late for preschool since it starts at 9:00. However, since my husband interviewed twice for this promotion, I have become lax in the sleep training department (which means Mama can sleep in too!!). I have found a house and a play group in Pennsylvania. I have researched foster information. I’ve looked up grocery stores and how far Target would be. I’ve researched new jobs in the case I am not asked to continue my current position. Basically, I have checked out from our North Carolina life and I’ve been working on making a new one as comfortable as possible. But we don’t know for sure yet!! Signs are pointing to yes, but we don’t know for sure. When I can’t plan any more then my patience disappears!

I have been working today on being in the present. And eating chocolate. You know, whatever works!


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