Happy Labor Day!

We enjoyed our Labor Day weekend at my sister’s in Charlotte, NC to celebrate her baby shower with family and friends! Can’t count the number of times we were asked if/when we were going to have another. I was polite. But it annoyed me! 

I hope y’all are relaxing poolside, or better yet, oceanside! 

I figured today was a good day, when we celebrate our nation’s work force, to let you know we will not be moving to Pennsylvania. My husband did not get the promotion. They had their local guy all lined up, so my husband just got strung through a series of interviews as a back up. So we will be in North Carolina to celebrate another round of holidays and we’ll be close when my sister goes into labor.

He’s doing well with the news. If you call drinking your woes away coping. I’m just buying things. And figuring out the next MAPP class we can get in!



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