First Day of Preschool

Last Thursday we had preschool orientation where we met Little One’s teachers, checked out the classroom and played on the playground. This is how exciting that was:


She enjoyed her time outside the most, as usual!


Then she took a wicked good nap at grandma’s house while I did some work.


This morning, I was worried about fighting with her to get up, to get dressed, to eat breakfast, etc. I hate being late but somehow I am always late. I had such bad nerves this morning that I was up an hour early! And it wasn’t even my first day of school! I just kept thinking of this little baby, and how time really does fly…


It’s hard to believe that was two and a half years ago! When you’re in the thick of it you never think you’ll be done with the spitting up or changing diapers every 15 minutes or warming up bottles. But today as I shopped through Marshalls while I waited for her to be done with her first day, I couldn’t wait to go see her little face! I missed her, even though the hours she’s in school I am usually working. I couldn’t wait to be with her and hear all about her day. She’s napping now, after gobbling down lunch when we got home. She had a great day and the teachers said no tears!




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