“Feeling Annoyed”

You know how on Facebook now everyone can put a little smiley face next to their status that explains their emotions at that time? Happy, depressed, anxious, excited, etc…

When I checked my Facebook newsfeed yesterday and saw the foster care/adoption agency that we applied to early this summer (just barely two months ago) advertising a trio sibling set ages 5, 3 and 2, I nearly blew my gasket. Since we were told when we interviewed, after our application was processed and we paid money for our background checks, that they rarely had children that needed adopted under the age of 8. And that we would just have to foster first as was their new mandate for their agency. Well, interesting how in not even two months they are basically pleading with their Facebook followers for someone to take in the sibling set. I feel very sad for those children and I hope and pray very strongly that they are kept together in a wonderful and loving home.

For background see:






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