Decisions, Decisions

Tuesday I whined about our first agency promoting darling children (a sibling set) on their social media while not welcoming families who apply. Today they promoted another child that needs a family, one we would be happy to serve and welcome into our life (a five year old). What do I do?? Our application still stand with the agency, we just need to take the MAPP training. But we have also recently applied to our county foster services and we are waiting to hear from them. I want to do what is best, I want to be helpful. I want to serve these children and families and keep them together. Is there a right way? Better yet, is there a wrong way? If your path gets you to where you want to be, wherever makes you happy and complete, does it matter if there were a few twists and turns along the way?



3 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

    • Like DSS or human services. I know in some states foster care is directed through private agencies. But in ours most is handled directly by the county. We started with a private agency after being told they handle most of the adoption cases, but this isn’t really the case.

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