I love Email

Late last night I emailed the contact for the agency that was listed on the ads for the kids (it was the same for the sibling set and the 5 year old). I couldn’t not do something. Even if I don’t hear back, I will know that at least I put it out in the universe. We are available! We are interested! We would love to serve these children as best we can. My husband asked if I thought we were prepared. And while we haven’t even taken the MAPP training classes or had our homestudy, I told him we are ready. We wondered the same thing when I was pregnant with our daughter. Are we ready? Will we be good parents? And I know now that we have done everything for our child to make her happy, healthy and disciplined (respect, manners, etc), and that none of these would change no matter what addition we have to our family. We can do this!


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