I heard back!

The “Child Centered Recruiter” that I emailed from our previous agency regarding an available sibling set posted on Facebook has returned my email! She said that we need a “pre-placement assessment” in order to forward it to the social worker assigned to that sibling set’s case. So I emailed the woman at the agency (“Jane Lynch”) that we met with in July to see if we have such an assessment or not. I am guessing that we don’t, but I really am not sure what they consider a “pre-placement assessment.” What I found online for pre-placement assessments, in regards specifically to North Carolina and adoption, states this:

“A Pre-Placement Assessment consists of minimally two interviews with the prospective adoptive parent.  Couples must complete separate and joint interviews to provide background information, discuss desires, expectations, and work on any concerns or barriers to providing long-term care for a child.

Prospective adoptive parents must also complete new finger prints even if they were previously finger printed as a foster parent.”

We definitely had the interviews and we paid for our background checks but we stopped at finger printing because of the indication from the woman at the agency that they wouldn’t be able to place us with young children. She emailed me back this morning regarding the status of our file:

You are correct.  You do not have a PPA. You withdrew your application shortly after your first interview and your case was closed.  If you wish to follow through with the adoption process, you will need to reapply.  Please be advised that the children that you are interested in will likely be placed long before we can complete your PPA and they are not indicative of available children, in general.”

So basically I spend about $60 early this summer for them to tell me that they don’t have children in their care that fit my family. Then, three months later when the agency advertises them through social media she assures me that this sibling set is an anomaly and that if I am interested, I am more than welcome to pay again to have all the background checks, marriage license, etc re-run. But it probably will take too long to be considered for this sibling group.

What do I take away from this situation? If we had continued with her agency in July then we would have our pre-placement assessment by now. But she said they don’t have sibling groups like this one available, so we sought out other resources. The logic (or lack thereof) of it all is just making me go insane!



4 thoughts on “I heard back!

  1. To help you…i am from Texas but I understand most states work the same way. You need to become licensed to adopt privately or foster to adopt. This process involves a home study, background checks, home inspections by fire dept and health dept, trainings, etc. Then once you are licensed (if Foster to adopt) your agency will submit your home to child protective services (or whatever your state calls it) when a child you are interested in becomes available. If your home is chosen, the child would be placed with you until the court case could be decided. If rights were terminated, then you could adopt if no suitable bio family. So to start with choose an agency you are comfortable with…one that is helpful. They should guide you thru the process…it takes time. My agency said most people take 6 months to go thru the process. It took us 51 days. For us it cost about $400 to become licensed.
    Babies/young children are the most sought after and if you are trying to only have children placed who have had their bio parents rights terminated, then you will be in for a long wait. Most states take 12-18 months to decide to terminate or not. By then, the foster family usually adopts. So usually only older kids are not in adoptive placements already. Perhaps that is why they told you they don’t have what you would like? Seems like maybe you need to research a different foster to adopt agency if that is the route you are going. Hope this helps!

    • Faith,

      Thanks so much for your support and succinct explanation of the foster/adopt situation! We’ve actually been on this journey since April, so your explanation would be excellent for anyone at the beginning of their journey! I know it’s a lot to go back and read all my posts, but basically we are on that journey finding the right place for us to be licensed. We went to an information session held by our county in May and started with background checks, interviews, etc with an agency earlier this summer but realized it was not a good fit. So we have applied to our county DSS, which at least in our area of North Carolina handles most of the foster care. The sibling set that I have been writing about recently has been promoted through social media and on AdoptUsKids, and you do not have to be licensed (yet) to be considered. I know that in emergency situations they are able to push through training and home studies if they have you matched for an in-need group. In my area, families willing to foster newborns, sibling groups and teens are in high-demand. That is why I emailed the agency, thinking that if they really need help for this sibling group, they might consider someone who had not completed all the training (yet). We are working towards getting our pre-placement assessment so that we can be considered in the future for such children. Thanks for your help!

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