How To Help

So I am sure there are many of you out there like my family, waiting in limbo to be licensed for foster care or adoption. Or right now it doesn’t fit your family situation (work, marriage, house size, etc). But there are other ways to help! For my job I have worked with a wonderful nonprofit in the Raleigh area called The Hope Center. They work to help the homeless and nearly homeless find jobs, housing, transportation, counseling, etc. Because a large part of the homeless population was at some point in foster care, they also work with children who have been or currently are in foster care to make sure they graduate high school, get into college or find a job. They have mentoring for these children and also tutoring. Many need tutoring to get their GEDs. I am lucky to have been accepted as a tutor for this program and I am very excited. You can read more about The Hope Center at their website (link below).

AdoptUSKids also has a great list of other ways that you can help in your area. These include becoming a mentor, volunteering a service like photography, help to fundraise or donate to foster care organizations, and becoming a court-appointed special advocate (link below).

It is hard sometimes to look past our own lives since we are so busy with work, family, errands, doctor’s appointments and the like. But many of these activities could only take up a few hours a month and be done as a family. I hope you’ll consider other ways to help!


Hope Center:


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