100 posts

I missed the fanfare yesterday when I posted my 100th post! It’s hard to believe. Blogging is such an interesting adventure. Some people do it for the art, some people do it for money, so people do it to show their fashion, some people do it to bring awareness. I know there’s a lot of ego involved in blogging, like what I have to say matters, but it also helps keep track of events. Like a journal. So you can look back in six months or a year and say, wow I have grown. Or man, I was naive about this that and the other thing. Thank you all for listening and giving me support through my mumbling. I appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “100 posts

  1. Blogging is pretty much a online journal shared with random people all around the world – love it! It’s such a great stress relief to have a little vent on a blog and know others understand, and a good way to connect with others too. Enjoy following your journey 🙂

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