Babies Are Miracles

Being in the Labor and Delivery room in a major North Carolina hospital causes one to think. After 9+ months my sister gave birth to a happy and healthy baby. And she was happy and healthy herself. Being on the Mom and Baby floor also made me think. One thing was for sure, babies are miracles. Babies are miracles no matter how they come into our lives. The nurses on the floor were so helpful and knowledgeable. They appreciated the magnitude of the moment. Maybe this mom will only have this one child in her whole life? Maybe this mom spent years of fertility treatments to get here? Maybe this mom is a surrogate, helping a stranger? Maybe this mom is giving up her child for adoption? The nurses seem to take all of this in stride and celebrate the new life. They have on average 25 babies born at that hospital each day. Seems hard to believe that in only one hospital in one city in all of our country, 25 babes are born! It’s just awe inspiring. 


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