Still haven’t heard a date for our move but most likely it will be before Thanksgiving.  Which is… rather quickly approaching. My grandparents (mother’s side) live in the area that we will be moving to, and I have a bunch of aunts and uncles that live close in Central PA. It certainly will be an adventure, as I haven’t strayed far from my family since college and we will be leaving behind my husband’s father who lives in the Raleigh area too. My grandmother (father’s side) and sister also live in state, so it will be far for them to visit. It’s totally going to be a cold winter for my little Southern Belle!!! Well, for all of us!

I’m not sure if I will be able to continue working my job remotely or if I will need to find a new job. I also looked into preschools in that area but most don’t start until age 3 so I am not sure if Little One will be in school or not. I would love to continue preschool for her because she has grown so much and learned so much being around other children her age for a couple hours a week. 

I am also anxious to see how the foster system in Pennsylvania works. I have read into their new regulations and policies which has decreased the number of children in care tremendously. I hope that we find the right place for our family to grow and serve!


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