Progress (?) This Week

I feel like each week I update y’all on our move and it’s not progressing. In each post I am hopeful of where we will be the next week and we’re not there. This week is no exception! My husband’s start date in Pennsylvania is December 1st. It is the 19th of November, with a short work week next week due to Thanksgiving, and we have yet to even speak with the relocation specialist. We don’t know where he will live when he goes up (a hotel is too expensive for a month or so in that area) let alone not even getting to put an offer down on a new house so we can move ASAP! I was very hopeful that we would be moved in before Thanksgiving, and then I was hopeful that we would be moved in before Christmas. Unfortunately, as we await our assigned realtor from the relocation company, it’s not looking like we’ll be together for December. I asked our family realtor here in Raleigh and she said that it would be pretty difficult to close on a house before Christmas if we only put in an offer next week. So now we’re bumping up our Christmas decorating so my husband can be home for it (I promise it’s usually not until the middle of December before we put up the tree/lights!!). I will have plenty to keep me busy (I hope) for about three weeks until he can come home again.

I have been working on getting everything ready for the move, in the hopes that it will go quickly. I am having my wedding rings cleaned and resized. I have cleaned all of our closets, kitchen and garage and we had a yard sale last Saturday. We had some carpet replaced. I sent all of our baby clothes and paraphernalia with my mom to keep in storage. I sewed a pet canopy/hammock for the car that I saw on Pinterest (it’s not super pretty so I am not posting a picture of it. I need to hone my sewing skills!). I made appointments for the dogs to see their veterinarian. I have done searches on getting a Pennsylvania driver’s license and registration for the cars. I have looked up preschools, pediatricians, family activities and grocery stores. I have posted furniture we won’t need online and I have sold most of it! Phew!!

All of this is worth it for this little girl:




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