Stranger Danger

I have been thinking since my daughter was born about some of the proper public school teachings (sex ed, stranger danger, health and nutrition) but Rebecca has such eloquence and she often writes what is in my head so I wanted to share her post. It irks me when people cannot be civil to one another in a public space, let alone be friendly. When did people stop being friendly? My mom always talks the ear off of anyone she meets, anywhere. I long battled some sort of shyness and I shied away from social interactions with strangers. Even ten years in customer-facing retail couldn’t fix my aversion. It wasn’t until after I became a mom, especially a mom of a toddler, that I started conversing with strangers in public. Now I find myself carrying on conversations with people on the phone and in stores that I never met before. And you know what? It feels nice! Even better? My daughter asks to say hello to people we don’t know when we go out. And I let her! Then 9 times out of 10 that stranger is happy to speak with her. It feels good to be friendly!



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