Gift Card, I Mean Cop Out

I hate gift cards. And I don’t mean for restaurants or hotels or the spa. Those are okay. I mean, let me give you a gift card in place of actually getting to know your likes and dislikes and finding a gift for you. Let me phone it in, buy an online gift card, never get up from the couch and there’s your present. I would rather have a homemade crochet dish rag than a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the 5 Love Languages but mine is giving and receiving gifts. But I don’t mean $1,000 Tiffany jewelry. $1,000 jewelry doesn’t mean a thing to me if there isn’t meaning behind it or thought put into it. I still have a $50 gift card to the Container Store (electronic even) from last Christmas. And I LOVE that store. It just seems like a bad joke to buy your loved one a gift card. Do you not have time to walk through the store and pick up something they like? It started as a guy thing now, but parents and grandparents get into it too. What do you all think about giving gift cards to your loved ones?


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