Shopping on Thanksgiving

We are leaving in the morning for our house hunting trip, just in time to hit the snow in Pennsylvania! The fun never ends. I’ll be back Wednesday, but for now, some thoughts regarding Black Friday (or Black Thanksgiving).

I understand that people are in an uproar about stores opening early on Thanksgiving for shoppers. The main claim is that it’s taking time away from the employees’ time with their families. After 10 years in retail sales, I can tell you it does suck being away when your family is together doing fun holiday things. Or being limited to who you can visit/how long because you have to work all weekend long. But I think we’re missing the point. Thanksgiving is but one day a year. I argue that maybe we should be pissed about the other 364 days a year that these employees are away from their families for dinner and childrens’ bedtimes so their stores can be open until 9 or 10. I argue that maybe all of our stores should be closed on Sundays giving retail employees one day back a week with their families. Maybe stores should be open 10-6 all year long. Let’s be honest, do you really shop that often outside of those hours? Or is it just occasionally? What about the entire month of December when stores open super early and stay open super late, let’s talk about that. To me, unless we’re having a frank discussion about the times our stores are open 365 days a year, just talking about Thanksgiving doesn’t make a difference. I’ll see you Thanksgiving night in line at Target.


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