Travel alone with a 2 year old… Scary? Nothing makes you feel like a grown up as having to be solely responsible for interstate travel with a young child!





Last week was the week of moving appointments. We had 2 realtors visit to give their reports on the market to the relocation company and we had the moving coordinator come to do the survey of our home goods for the move. We had the home inspection and got the report back on Monday, which prompted a second analysis today of the roof and other repairs that need to be made prior to our closing date. Basically, the roof is shot, the radon test came back positive in the basement and there are other small electrical and plumbing issues that need to be addressed. It is an adorable cape cod but it was built in 1970 and the repairs that need to be made reflect that. We have to get the repairs negotiated so that we have a chance at moving in before the closing date of January 17th. Pretty soon our current home is being packed up to go on the market and Little One and I will be homeless if we can’t move into the new house!




We are still working on making our own family traditions. It’s only our fifth Christmas together as a couple and third with child so we have time to work on it! One that is yummy and a perfect addition to Christmas dinner is our yule log (buche de Noel) that I get from Whole Foods. I had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Paris about six years ago, and man do those bakeries rock! And every single one makes Buche de Noel, or yule log. It’s a roulade cake, kind of like a jelly roll. I haven’t tried to make it yet but some year I will! What Christmas traditions have you made with your family?

Daddy Is Home!

Hubby surprised us and drove through yesterday from Pennsylvania to Raleigh, and I let Little One stay up to see him. It had been 3 weeks since she had seen him so it was a big deal! She missed him very much. As soon as he came in she was doing almost-headstands and she said “Daddy I so glad you are home!” My heart melted. He also had a mini-heart attack because I had the thermometer on the counter since Little One has been sick. He thought it was a pregnancy test! Ha! His heart definitely skipped a beat on that one. And no, we aren’t trying to have a baby and won’t be trying! Super excited to have our little family together for a few days!

Made It!

I made it through the week! After several appointments with realtors to sell our house, the moving coordinator, the inspection on the new house and a sick 2 year old, I am exhausted! Little One is probably the sickest she’s ever been, actually having antibiotics prescribed for the first time in her little life! Even the doctor was impressed she’s never needed them before. She has an ear infection and sinus infection so she’s pretty grouchy. And rightly so! Those are the worst. She has a pretty nasty cough too so she’s not sleeping well (which means I’m not sleeping well) and I am on three consecutive nights of very little sleep. I am someone that needs a good 8 hours of sleep at least each night, so having sleep deprivation makes me very tense and sensitive, which is exactly what you need when your husband is several states away and you’re working on moving! But we made it through the week and Monday hubby comes home so we will all breathe a sigh of relief for a few days at least. Only a short countdown to Christmas with my little family and I can’t wait!