No News is Good News?

My husband left this morning to start his new position in Pennsylvania. We won’t see him again until Christmas Eve. It’s going to be a long 3 weeks with a two year old! I helped him pack up yesterday and it was like packing up my first born for college. Don’t forget enough underwear and socks so you only have to do laundry once in a while! None of your things match, what are you going to wear together?? I sent him with toilet paper, paper towels, snacks, antacids, extra blankets and pillows, and an emergency kit for his car. Sigh. It’s been a sad day!


No word from the sellers regarding out house. We know our offer was sent to corporate, since it is owned by the seller’s relocation company, but apparently the asset manager was out sick yesterday. Our realtor said she hasn’t heard anything today but that might not be a bad thing. Or it might mean that we don’t have a house. I don’t know! We don’t have a back up house that we liked from our house hunting trip so we would be back to square one!


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