Two weeks ago I posted a brochure/ad I found in the local Barnes in Noble where we are moving in Lewisburg, PA. Since I visited this past weekend and we found a (different) house to put an offer on, we are now under contract!! Woohoo! Plus the house is $70,000 less than the last house we looked at (it wasn’t on the market when we went two weeks ago) and it’s vacant… which means we are pushing for a pre-settlement move in date the first week in January so we don’t have to pay another month for my husband in his efficiency, we can put our Raleigh house on the market and so we can all move in together!! Anyways, since we now have an address I felt comfortable requesting information from a few of the foster agencies in the area. Yesterday I put in 3 different requests, two for ads I saw while I was there and 1 for a similar local agency. Literally one minute after I had put in all 3 requests my phone rang and it was the local director of the agency I wrote about 2 weeks ago, whose ad was displayed locally. He was very kind and took down all our information. He wants to come visit us and bring his adoption specialist when we move in January. Right now he has two different families in the small town we are moving to that have fostered and both are currently adopting the sibling groups that they have in their homes! One family has a 7 year old boy and 4 year old boy, which would be right up our alley. This has given me some home that we will be of service, even in the small town where we are moving. Pennsylvania or bust!


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