Family Visits

Heading out tomorrow to have Christmas with my sister and her family in Charlotte, along with Little One and my parents. So basically a family Christmas on my side without my husband. I am so excited to see how big my nephew has gotten since his birth! He’s about 6 weeks old now. It will also be a kick in the butt at how much work babies really are, and confirm our thoughts on fostering/adopting older, school-aged children. Spent the remainder of this week packing, wrapping presents and thinking I had work obligations and when I showed up my boss was “sick”. I totally think she’s drinking again. And it’s possible she’s back to having her affair. If she ever stopped. I know she stopped drinking, at least for a while. But now with both her sons in college and her husband working as a CIO plus doing consultant work, I am not sure anyone is paying attention to her at home. And that is a recipe for disaster! I feel badly because I know things got better because I was there to encourage her, and now that I am leaving I worry she will go downhill. It thoroughly annoys me though to plan my day around work obligations and then have her cancel when I arrive. I have a lot on my To Do List so any extra minute helps!


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