Made It!

I made it through the week! After several appointments with realtors to sell our house, the moving coordinator, the inspection on the new house and a sick 2 year old, I am exhausted! Little One is probably the sickest she’s ever been, actually having antibiotics prescribed for the first time in her little life! Even the doctor was impressed she’s never needed them before. She has an ear infection and sinus infection so she’s pretty grouchy. And rightly so! Those are the worst. She has a pretty nasty cough too so she’s not sleeping well (which means I’m not sleeping well) and I am on three consecutive nights of very little sleep. I am someone that needs a good 8 hours of sleep at least each night, so having sleep deprivation makes me very tense and sensitive, which is exactly what you need when your husband is several states away and you’re working on moving! But we made it through the week and Monday hubby comes home so we will all breathe a sigh of relief for a few days at least. Only a short countdown to Christmas with my little family and I can’t wait!


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