He Didn’t Ask Why

We met with the foster agency director on Tuesday afternoon. I contacted him after I saw one of their flyers last December on one of our house hunting trips. He’s been in contact almost weekly since then. He was very nice, and obviously devoted to his work. His agency has 26 kids in their care in our area, and they’ve processed 6 adoptions over the last year. I’m not sure how many kids total are in care in my area, since it’s a little more split up among agencies than it was in Raleigh. This agency has all of the necessary services and seem very hands-on. They take referrals from the counties along with other affiliated agency offices. So basically, most of Central to Eastern PA. This is different than in NC, as we could only foster kids from our particular county. He’s starting a training class in about 2 weeks, it will be 3 session, 3 hours a piece. Then they expect quarterly training as well. He checked out the house to make sure that we have enough room for a sibling group. He is ready to get us signed up. My husband and I are hesitant. Is it like dating, when you meet the right fit you know? I was just surprised at the things he didn’t ask. We had a meeting scheduled in the middle of my stroke events, and had to postpone. He knew it was because of some emergency medical thing. He never asked what happened. He also never asked why we are fostering. All of these are things that our previous adoption agency focused on, whereas he was much more laid back. I wasn’t sure if he saw us and our home and figured if we clear all the background checks then we’ll be good foster parents? It was strange. We are ready to foster and adopt, but we want to make sure we are comfortable with the agency we choose. He wants us to meet with the permanency specialist in our local office, so maybe that will be a different visit! We’ll see!


Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose

Little One’s new thing is to pose when someone is taking her picture. I think it’s hilarious, which only eggs her on more!

Today’s the Day!

Today our family helper, Leslie starts with us. I had placed an ad last December for someone that could help part-time with child care so that I could continue to work remotely. Although Little One attends preschool, it is only from 9-11:30 and by the time I drop her off it’s like I’m on my way back to get her! So we were fortunate enough to find a local mom who is willing to come help while her kids are in school. When I wasn’t able to drive, she was also a godsend in her willingness to help me get to appointments. I am excited to have an extra hand around, and some relief for Little One from having me with her all day!

The other exciting part of today is that the Executive Director of a local fostering agency is coming by to speak with me and my husband! He has a training class coming up soon that he’d like to get us in. I have a bunch of questions for him and I can’t wait to hear about possibly working with him and his agency. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Let’s Talk Cholesterol

One of the medications that I am taking currently is Lipitor. Studies have shown that Lipitor can reduce the risk of a future stroke significantly. While my LDL numbers are in normal range for a healthy 32 year old, they are high for someone with a chance of a future stroke. Therefore, I will work on keeping my LDL numbers below 100, and take the Lipitor to keep the numbers down as well. So what can we do to keep our cholesterol numbers down?

-quit smoking

-lose weight

-eat more fiber, like oatmeal, fruits and veggies

-eat less fat from protein and dairy products

I need to work on #2, and #4… How are your numbers?



As an adult I’ve learned how much communication is key. How we communicated has changed so much in the last 5 years. But we forget about those that don’t have the access that we do to technology and smartphones. I deal with this on a daily basis with my job. Our caregivers often do not have smartphones with email access, they use prepaid phones or change their number often. How do you get business done when you are using two different ways of communicating? The company I work for promotes wifi access for caregivers to sign in and out of their jobs. But most do not have access!