Today’s the Day!

Today our family helper, Leslie starts with us. I had placed an ad last December for someone that could help part-time with child care so that I could continue to work remotely. Although Little One attends preschool, it is only from 9-11:30 and by the time I drop her off it’s like I’m on my way back to get her! So we were fortunate enough to find a local mom who is willing to come help while her kids are in school. When I wasn’t able to drive, she was also a godsend in her willingness to help me get to appointments. I am excited to have an extra hand around, and some relief for Little One from having me with her all day!

The other exciting part of today is that the Executive Director of a local fostering agency is coming by to speak with me and my husband! He has a training class coming up soon that he’d like to get us in. I have a bunch of questions for him and I can’t wait to hear about possibly working with him and his agency. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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