Phone Call

I spoke with the director of last of the three local agencies Friday afternoon. She was very pleasant and informative. Their agency has two offices close to us, our house is actually right in the middle! In each office they serve about 25-30 children. We spoke about their training and foster to adopt services. I was impressed by the age of the agency and the help they provide to their families. I think they’re definitely a sold runner-up for us, but the second agency that we met with definitely still has my vote. We will meet with the program director and their permanency specialist in a week or so, whenever we can get 4 people’s schedules in tune! It will be nice to ask some more questions that have popped up. We know we can get started with them at any point and it will take about 3-6 months to get our license. I’m so excited we’re getting closer and closer!


Stop The Clot!

Here are some things to watch for as women since we’re prone to clots, which can end up as a pulmonary embolism or stroke! Just as a point of reference, my neurologist wants me up and walking every hour when traveling. Which I definitely never did before and it makes traveling even longer, but to prevent another stroke it’s worth it!


She Didn’t Ask Either

If you recall from our last meeting with the director of a foster care agency here in Pennsylvania, we were left without a fuzzy, friendly feeling. One of the main things I just didn’t feel right about was that the director never asked us why. Why are we interested in fostering. Why do we want to adopt. I contacted a few other agencies in our area trying to find a better fit. So today, the director of another agency came by our house. Yes, she also made the drive out to visit with us! I just can’t emphasize how much of a departure it is from our treatment in North Carolina, trying to foster and adopt there. We were basically given the cold shoulder. Here, we’ve already had 2 directors of agencies come out to meet with us! I am amazed. But she didn’t ask either. I am not sure what I think about that?

The director we met with today has a much larger agency office in our area, serving more than twice as many children currently than the first agency we met with. They also offer all of their training to be done from your home, or if you attend one of their office trainings they provide childcare! This was a huge leap over the other agency. Also, this director was the first to talk to us about match adoption events in the area. Since we are mainly interested in adopting an elementary-aged child or sibling group, the director explained to us the process of match adoption. I think it is done annually, all of the SWAN-affiliated agencies meet up with flyers of their available children. Potential match parents can walk around this expo and leave their own flyers if they are interested, as well as take the information of available children home with them to give to their adoption specialists at their agency. She said it is obviously very sad, but they take placement very seriously and these events have high success rates.

We did a walk through of the house and she got to meet Little One and our helper, Miss Leslie. She said that we can start with training while we proceed with our application. Since we’re from out of state it will take a while to get things like clearances from our doctors or our marriage license. She said she will come every week to meet with us and do training, until we are complete with training and complete with the application. She said some couples can do it within two months and some take closer to 6 months. It just depends on the schedules and the efficiency of getting back the documents necessary.

I definitely got a better vibe from her and the support her agency provides. I also like that they are a larger agency and have many offices in the region. I am not sure if husband is ready to pick this agency or if we need to see one more. I think it would be great if we could get the training and application done while I recover from my surgery and then be licensed once I am deemed stable!


Edited to add: She emailed me this evening to say how nice it was to meet with us and that she’d like to come back with one of her permanency specialists to talk to us some more and answer more questions. So maybe we just had a meet and greet and she was waiting to feel us out?


Little One and Peter

Little One and Peter

Meet Peter Cottontail, the newest addition to our family. We surprised our daughter for her birthday (which is coming up, we did it early!). We rescued him from a local family. He is one and came from a loving family with children, so he is used to high energy all day long! Here is Little One doing puzzles with his help…

Maternal Fetal Medicine

This morning I met with an OBGYN who specializes in high risk pregnancy, or a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable. He was positive for me to have another pregnancy if we wish, whether or not I have the heart surgery (but also said I should have the heart surgery). So if I do get pregnant again, it won’t be until my cardiologist deems me as “cardiovascular” stable. Which could be some time, and I am already 32. I would have to go off my current medications (aspirin, plavix and lipitor) and give myself daily injections of Lovenox. Of course, I don’t have the blessing from the cardiologist yet. But I was very frightened that the opportunity would be off the table. 

I didn’t really know what to ask the specialist going in, so I did some online research. Here are some links to common questions that you might want to ask when meeting with a MFM specialist.


New Day, New Week

I have a busy week of appointments, which always throws off our daily and weekly routine… Today I had my follow-up appointment with the Neurologist at Geisinger. It was at 8 am so hubby had to get Little One up and to school. You would think that he needs the National Guard every time he’s responsible for getting her out the door and on time to anything. There’s always an emergency and lots of texts/calls despite the fact that he knows I’m in an important meeting/appointment/consultation. Bless his heart. He tries. The Neurologist echoed what the cardiologist said regarding heart surgery… they can’t promise that it will prevent anything in the future, but they also don’t know if it might just cure everything all together! So he also recommended that I go ahead and do it.

Tomorrow I see the high risk ob/gyn, which was cancelled two weeks ago, to find out if/when I can have more kids (not that we’re necessarily on that train) and also to talk about birth control. 

Thursday we have an appointment with a different foster agency, the program supervisor who said she was “super excited” to meet us! She’s coming over to meet us in all our craziness.

It should be an exciting and informative week for sure!