Forget About It

Today is a day I would like to forget. Horrible night up last night with Little One, who was hopped up on cold medicine and the time change, up way past her bedtime then most of the night in some fever-induced hyper/hallucinogenic state. I remembered why I keep telling hubby that we can’t handle a newborn–I am so terrible on little sleep. I get angry and lose my patience, plus I cry at the drop of a hat. So I fought with hubby this morning when he told me that I can’t schedule any more doctor appointments on Wednesdays, like I am clairvoyant and know when my daughter will get sick and miss school all on the same day that he has morning meetings and I have a super important doctor’s appointment. I called our sitter but she had appointments of her own so I called my grandparents and they came down to sit with Little One while I had my big appointment. While they were on their way down from their house, my husband’s meeting got cancelled. I tried catching them before they drove the 45 minutes but they had already left their home. Then, as I pulled into the parking lot for my doctor’s appointment, the office called to say the doctor was on call and was pulled into surgery, so they had to cancel my appointment. So instead of staying in bed with my sick Little One, my entire morning was in upheaval for meetings and appointments that got cancelled! So so frustrating.


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