Foster Update

As I posted last week, I will be going in for heart surgery soon. I am hoping that it will be in April so I can recover before it’s pool time! In Pennsylvania the pools don’t open until June so I will have time to heal. I love to swim and so does Little One, so I expect to be living at the pool this summer! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I spent this weekend replying to emails I had written with other agencies in our area, so we can meet with them and see how we fit. Then, while I’m recovering from my surgery, we can use the time to get licensed! One of the program supervisors even told me she is “super excited” to meet us!

We have one meeting scheduled with her for next week, and I am waiting to hear back from two other agencies. Depending on how those meetings go, we might visit the initial agency again to meet with their permanency specialist. I didn’t want to waste her time if we were questioning how good of a fit that agency is. We are looking forward to finding an agency and getting started!



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