New Day, New Week

I have a busy week of appointments, which always throws off our daily and weekly routine… Today I had my follow-up appointment with the Neurologist at Geisinger. It was at 8 am so hubby had to get Little One up and to school. You would think that he needs the National Guard every time he’s responsible for getting her out the door and on time to anything. There’s always an emergency and lots of texts/calls despite the fact that he knows I’m in an important meeting/appointment/consultation. Bless his heart. He tries. The Neurologist echoed what the cardiologist said regarding heart surgery… they can’t promise that it will prevent anything in the future, but they also don’t know if it might just cure everything all together! So he also recommended that I go ahead and do it.

Tomorrow I see the high risk ob/gyn, which was cancelled two weeks ago, to find out if/when I can have more kids (not that we’re necessarily on that train) and also to talk about birth control. 

Thursday we have an appointment with a different foster agency, the program supervisor who said she was “super excited” to meet us! She’s coming over to meet us in all our craziness.

It should be an exciting and informative week for sure!



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