Maternal Fetal Medicine

This morning I met with an OBGYN who specializes in high risk pregnancy, or a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable. He was positive for me to have another pregnancy if we wish, whether or not I have the heart surgery (but also said I should have the heart surgery). So if I do get pregnant again, it won’t be until my cardiologist deems me as “cardiovascular” stable. Which could be some time, and I am already 32. I would have to go off my current medications (aspirin, plavix and lipitor) and give myself daily injections of Lovenox. Of course, I don’t have the blessing from the cardiologist yet. But I was very frightened that the opportunity would be off the table. 

I didn’t really know what to ask the specialist going in, so I did some online research. Here are some links to common questions that you might want to ask when meeting with a MFM specialist.



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