Two Little Ships at Sea

Two Little Ships at Sea

Missing North Carolina and all our support. Good thing we have visitors coming in this weekend for Little One’s birthday! Hard going to a park where all the moms are coming in pairs. Little One makes friends very easily, and is happy to meet different people each time. I’m the creepy mom scouting out others like me. And I haven’t found any yet! Luckily I have this cute little face to teeter with!


2 thoughts on “Two Little Ships at Sea

  1. Trish Z. says:

    Hang in there, mom. I read your simple but moving post and so feel your longing. Moving is never easy. Connecting isn’t always easy. You have something special to offer another mom and there is a special person waiting for you to reach out. You are there for a reason. I said a prayer for you.

    • Thank you Trish! Your beautiful words touched my soul. You are right, sometimes we forget that we can reach out to others, while we wait for something to happen to us instead. I will keep that in mind as I go about my day!

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