Our friends are starting to divorce. I guess mid-thirties is just the time. It is scary, sad and puzzling at the same time. People that we attended their engagement/bridal showers, their weddings, new home parties, their baby showers, birthday parties. It can’t help but make you reflect on your own marriage. Living with another human being, whether it is a sibling, roommate/friend or spouse, you are bound to fight. But at what point is it not salvageable? I understand abuse or infidelity, but at what point do you just decide it isn’t a phase any more and you need to move on? Seems pretty agonizing. I feel for my friends and their families. My best friend from college is expecting her first born, a son, any day while simultaneously divorcing her husband. One of hubby’s best friends from college, who we became family friends with, is divorcing. They have a seven year old and a five year old. I know that one involves infidelity, but I don’t know about my friend. I never liked her husband any way, but it’s still pretty crazy. My best friend got married one month before I married my husband. Our other friends have been married for about 10 years. I’m sure the emotions are tough on both sides, especially with kids involved. I know the divorce rate is like 50% these days, but I never thought it would hit close to home! Makes me wonder who’s next!


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