Moving to a New Foster Home

We are preparing, by what we read and by the foster agency, to have a sibling group come to our home with nothing in their possession. Whether it is a legal risk placement or coming from a non-adoptive home, we are preparing ourselves for the fact that the children will have very little. Their little arms and their little hearts may be empty. We are ready for our training and to read as much as we can so we can fill up their little love tanks. Our foster agency prepared us by saying that a lot of placements happen over the summer because the children are out of school and can transition into a new school year together with their new classmates. Also, judges in Pennsylvania (if not in other states) will not terminate parental rights until there is a family waiting for the children. So if they have been in a home that cannot adopt or chooses not to, they will not be moved in with their adoptive family until everything is in place, and often they make sure this coincides with the summer break. The post below from Rebecca shows that children living with foster families for years may make the transition to their adoptive home with very little, if nothing at all (including their prescriptions).





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