Miss Leslie is officially pregnant through surrogacy for the German family. She keeps getting her Beta (HCG) numbers after her recent procedure and they are doubling as should happen. Right now her numbers are right in between twins and triplets. She won’t have her first ultrasound until May 16th so they won’t be able to confirm the number of babies until then. She told me this morning she’s been very worried that the German couple would only want one or two, especially with their advanced age. So she said there could be a chance that they would want to remove one of the eggs. She said at the point that she has the ultrasound there are heartbeats so she feels badly if this were to happen, but she doesn’t want the family to be overwhelmed. I didn’t even know this was an option for families in this situation. Luckily Miss Leslie is very open and I can ask lots of questions! Anyway, I guess this morning she got word from her lawyer that the couple will not remove any eggs, and that they will welcome however many children there are. She was very relieved.


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