Agency Visits

Today we had our first home visit as official Adoptive Parents in Training from the Agency Director to go over agency policies and sign a bunch of stuff. We also handed her all of our clearance forms so that she can get them processed. In two weeks she will be back to do our family interview! In the mean time we will get fingerprinted and we will meet with another woman in the office for the PRIDE training. Over the next two weeks we have to keep working on our application packet. We need copies of a bunch of things like home insurance, car insurance, Driver licenses, social security info, dog vaccinations, W2 for last year, etc. We have the CPR manual and can take the test online. We have the car seat safety quiz and the quiz about the orientation manual. We got the stuff in that takes the most time, the clearances, and I had questions about a few forms so we figured out what we need to do for those to get them completed. We are fortunate that the office is willing to come to us and plan around our schedule, especially with my upcoming heart surgery!

I am so excited to get this moving!


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