Today we took a field trip with Little One’s preschool to a local dairy farm. I knew we lived near farms but I didn’t realize how close and how big the farms are!! I’ve seen working farms before, but mainly crop farms with corn or other vegetables. It was pretty impressive the size (800 cows) and the output (over 6,000 gallons daily). But it was also kind of sad and gross. The cows don’t go outside. They live in the barn and they milk 3 times a day. They all looked pretty healthy and happy (?) but I kept thinking of those Wisconsin happy cow commercials. It was a pretty cloudy day and the car temp said 60 but it felt much cooler than that!



Rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania.



The ladies, all lined up and eating in the barn.



Different ladies, getting milked in some elaborate automated system.


One of the big mamas took a liking to Little One!



She hopped in and was one of the first to pet the calf!


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