Our agency got us registered with the state of Pennsylvania for our child abuse clearances so we had to take our prepaid forms to a local UPS store in order to get fingerprinted. It was a quick process, no ink (not sure why I thought that in 2014 they would still use ink, but thankfully I’ve not had to be fingerprinted before so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!). It was a neat little computer system that captured each fingerprint on both my right and left hands (and hubby’s!). The woman (she seemed to be the owner) was kind and asked short questions about adopting. We told her we were matching with older children, a sibling group. She looked at us like we were crazy! She said there is a family at her church that has adopted three brothers. So they went from zero to three kids in a day! I told her that we already have one, so we could go one to three or one to four in a day! It made me think that I need to read up and see how other families deal with four kids! I’ve read tips like getting everything color coded so the kids don’t fight over things like character plates/cups/towels/etc. I need more tips! I searched on Pinterest but I haven’t found anything good yet. Anyone have some tips or a good blog to read on organizing a family of 5 or 6?


2 thoughts on “Fingerprints

  1. Oh my word, toothbrushes, simple color coding isn’t enough, names in permanent marker, pieces of cotton, anything. Different styles of underwear, I could tell you a hilarious story, but I want to save that for my own blog, for boys there are about three different styles, all you have to do is convince each kid to have a different style. As for towels, oh boy, have I got news for you…don’t sweat the small stuff. The kids may not care whose towel is whose, what color it is, or who used it last, as long as it is reasonable dry and doesn’t smell too bad. I would find out what sort of routines they are used too, what might already be working for them, can usually be adapted pretty easily to a new home.

    • Thank you mama! I realize you can’t plan for everything, but it’s good to hear from other mamas on what seems to be the sticking point for sibling rivalry! I can totally see my Little One throwing a fit over who used which hoodie towel after bath time! I guess it’s totally on a child by child basis.

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