Interview #1

Today we had our interview with the Foster Agency Director for our family profile. Once it is complete we will be able to read it before anything is published. We covered topics like who constitutes our immediate family and how are relationships with them have been and are currently. We were asked questions about our job history and education history. We answered about our history with special needs children. The director asked about our discipline policies and the policies of our parents. Overall, it wasn’t as in depth as we had planned but it was a nice conversation with the director. One of the questions did involve where our desire to adopt has come from. It wasn’t really a big deal and she didn’t ask any follow up questions so I am guessing we said what she expected.

We still need to do PRIDE training and we are waiting for all of our clearances and references to be returned. My mother was able to meet the director since she’s been in town helping after my surgery. It was a nice time and her next appointment is set for three weeks while we wait for everything to be returned. We will have the PRIDE training in the mean time. The director hasn’t let on either way whether we will be matched this summer or not, but it seems to me that they are pushing our licensing pretty quickly. We’re very excited!


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